Fully funded

The Chloe Mansfield Fund is delighted to be able to support the Paediatric and Neo-natal Intensive Care Units at GOSH by installing child-appealing artwork throughout the two wards. Artwork is also being installed in the entrance tunnel leading to PICU and NICU.

The artwork has been chosen to represent a nautical theme, reflecting the official names of the two wards – Seahorse and Dolphin. Most importantly, the artwork has been designed specifically to be bright and colourful, in order to appeal to children.

It is well documented in medical research that children find visiting hospital a frightening and stressful experience. Throughout paediatric hospitals all over the world, art has proven to be an invaluable aid in helping to create a positive, stimulating and supportive environment for patients, families, visitors and staff.

Chloe spent a considerable amount of time in PICU and NICU. Previously, there had been no artwork throughout these two wards. We wanted to find a way to make PICU and NICU more homely and calming for the children, and their families.

The artwork for PICU and NICU has been created by Sable & Hawkes, an animal graphics illustrator. The artwork has been installed by wallpaper and window graphics. In addition to the visual objectives of the artwork, it is imperative that the artwork is easy to maintain and clean, allowing the wards to remain Infection Control compliant.

The artwork was installed in March 2019. The staff, patients and families of PICU and NICU have told us they are thrilled with the new and vibrant look of the wards, and that the impact of the artwork has been both positive and significant.